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  • Reviewed: SwimEasy High-Performance Solar Pool Heater Panel Replacement (9/28/2023)

    "I purchased these panels to replace a 15 year old installation. The products arrived quickly (3 days), the installation instructions were crystal clear and all the pieces were of excellent condition. I must also add, it was a pleasure working with everyone at Solar Pool Supply. Everyone, especially my sales advisor Tyler, were always available to help with design questions and greatly helped with my unique installation challenges. I am not particularly ’handy’ with home repairs but with their help I managed to save >$3,000 installation costs. Great."

    Patrick B.
  • Reviewed: SwimEasy Maximum Performance DIY Solar Pool Heater Kit (7/3/2023)

    "I had a damaged solar panel that is not made anymore so all the companies said I needed to redo the structural component and put new panels up which would have costs 5-10 thousand dollars?!! I spoke with solar pool supply and we found a way to utilize the existing structure and panels as the base for the new swim easy panels! Easy install and everything odd working great now. Best thing, only cost me the amount of the three panel DIY kit!"

    Theodore O.
  • Reviewed: SwimEasy Maximum Performance DIY Solar Pool Heater Kit (2/28/2023)

    "Very easy Installation. My neighbor and I completed the installation of 7 panels in less than 2 hours. My pool is warm. When I directed the return only from and to my spa, the temp went from 78-95 in only a couple hours."

    Timothy C.
  • Reviewed: SwimEasy High-Performance Solar Pool Heater Panel Replacement (8/9/2023)

    "Great solar panels, we bought 3! Heats our inground pool to 85-90 degrees in Michigan.! Solar Pool Supply has been so great to work with, their customer service is outstanding! Highly recommend!"

    Jana L.
  • Reviewed: SwimEasy Maximum Performance DIY Solar Pool Heater Kit (8/8/2023)

    "Raised pool temp by 10 degrees immediately - great!"

    John K.
  • Reviewed: Triple Threat High-Performance Solar Pool Heater DIY Kit (7/5/2023)

    "bought the 4 panel triple threat complete kit for my 21 foot pool here in the blue ridge mountains in va...what an awesome kit them guys put together....great service on talking to them shipping was fast and everything was in the kit that needed to be...great instructions in the kit and its so easy to on the performance it is unbelievable...on a cloudy day around 80 degrees it will still raise water temperature 5 degrees now it has hit fourth day right at 90 degrees and lows around 68 at night the water temperature is 94 cant go wrong on buying this kit....thanks solar pool supply"

    Lee P.
  • Reviewed: SwimJoy Industrial Grade DIY Solar Pool Heater Kit (6/6/2023)

    "These solar collectors are the best collector on the market today. I installed the collectors as instructed (very easy installation) and they work great. I replaced a Fafco array that I had that was NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!! They leaked constantly no matter what I did. I even took them down from the roof every year so they would survive a Michigan winter, to no avail, they would still leak in the spring. The new Swim Joy panels survived the Michigan winter with flying colors, no problems at all. Thank you for a great product."

    David F.
  • Reviewed: SwimLux Advanced Semi-Glazed Solar Pool Heating System (7/26/2023)

    "The SwimLux panels are amazing. We have had them up and running for about 2 months and even with the colder Northern California weather in the high 60's and low 70's we are able to get our 26,000, gallon, 620 sq ft pool to 84 degrees. This is with just 240 sq ft of SwimLux Semi Glazed panels. When temperatures get into the high 70's the pool hits temperature by midday and I switch to heating the spa with the panels. They are amazing! Thanks for selling an awesome product, it has eliminated our usage of the gas heater and saved us tons on our energy bills."

    Amir M.
  • Reviewed: SwimEasy High-Performance Solar Pool Heater Panel Replacement (7/5/2023)

    "As you can see from the photo, these new panels fit perfectly as replacements for my original solar panels. I found the retrofit to be easy and I actually did it as a one-person installation. I did get some help to get them on the roof. The quality is excellent and the fit is perfect. I have contacted customer service twice and they have replied quickly and professionally. I highly recommend Solar Pool Supply for your needs."

    John P.
  • Reviewed: SwimEasy Maximum Performance DIY Solar Pool Heater Kit (4/1/2023)

    "Excellent company to work with. I was replacing some 15 year old panels that had been springing leaks for several years. The solar panels were well packaged and of high quality. They were very easy to install. One of my panels was leaking, it looked like it had a small cut in it, but they replaced it immediately, no questions asked. I can’t say enough how great the customer service is, and the price was good too."

    Ed C.
  • Reviewed: Heliocol Solar Pool Heater Panel (5/11/2023)

    "This is a photo taken after completion of my project. The gentleman at Solar Supply were VERY helpful and very knowledgeable about their products. They supported me thru the complete process. Everything is working 100% and my pool water is 85 degrees. I really can’t express what a great company this is to deal with. Ed Sandt Vail, AZ."

    Edward S.
  • Reviewed: Row Spacer Kit for Heliocol, SwimJoy & SwimLux (6/18/2023)

    "Found Solar Pool Supplies on internet. They’re in San Diego, I’m in Virginia. Found Matt to be very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Purchased panels, and installed. Found Matt and other staff to be very patient with all my questions. Installation went as promised. This has been one of the coolest springs on record. Looking forward to getting the most of solar’s benefits. Thanks Solar Pool Supply, customer support was excellent!"

    Kevin T.
  • Reviewed: SwimJoy Industrial Grade DIY Solar Pool Heater Kit (6/13/2023)

    "We found this product easy to install and were happy with the patience shown to us as we called in several times to get help on the installation. It is heating up the pool very well even on cooler days with little sun. Very happy so far."

    Willam S.
  • Reviewed: SwimEasy High-Performance Solar Pool Heater Panel Replacement (7/4/2023)

    "Made in USA! High quality. Easy ordering and it arrived quickly. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The solar heater works as expected and does a good job heating our medium sized above-ground pool. Thank you for shipping it here quickly."

    John S.
  • Reviewed: SwimEasy Solar Pool Heater Panel Plus Connector Hose Pack (6/8/2023)

    "I started by replacing a panel that had gone bad and ended up replacing all 10 panels with these. The old system was end of life and I was chasing leaks and failed panels. I finally just replaced them all and the install was a breeze. Fast and easy and they work great. I keep my indoor pool warm almost all year with these panels (in the Deep South). Unrolling them takes a day or two but otherwise these are great panels. "

    Douglas G.
  • Reviewed: Panel Clamp Assembly (6/8/2023)

    "I ordered on Friday and had them on the following Thursday and would have had the clamps on Wednesday if FEDEX had not separated the order. A few extra clamps were thrown in just for good luck which made the job that much less nerve racking. My one call to solar pool was answered promptly by a real human being who not only knew what he was talking about but also understood my sense of humor. In other words I could not have been more pleased or satisfied."

    Walter B.
  • Reviewed: SwimEasy High-Performance Solar Pool Heater Panel Replacement (6/12/2023)

    "Ordered solar panel to replace old one that was leaking. Very fast shipping and panel came wrapped and secure. It fit seamlessly into the system. A+ company."

    Aaron K.
  • Reviewed: Vacuum Relief Valve for Heliocol, SwimJoy & SwimLux Solar Pool Heaters (6/6/2023)

    "The product worked well however I had an issue about its location on my system and tech support from this company was a tremendous help. They are more than just a vendor. They're excellent problem solvers too."

    Jim and Nancy C.

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