Listen to our satisfied clients experiences and see how our solar pool heating solutions have brought them endless joy and relaxation.


We're proud to be the nation's largest retailer of solar pool heating products. But don't just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about our products and services.

Amazing Product and Huge Savings

"The SwimLux panels are amazing. We have had them up and running for about 2 months and even with the colder Northern California weather in the high 60's and low 70's we are able to get our 26,000, gallon, 620 sq ft pool to 84 degrees. This is with just 240 sq ft of SwimLux Semi Glazed panels. When temperatures get into the high 70's the pool hits temperature by midday and I switch to heating the spa with the panels. They are amazing! Thanks for selling an awesome product, it has eliminated our usage of the gas heater and saved us tons on our energy bills."

-Amir M.

Excellent Customer Service and Quality Products

"I ordered on Friday and had them on the following Thursday. My one call to Solar Pool Supply was answered promptly by a real human being who not only knew what he was talking about but also understood my sense of humor. I could not have been more pleased or satisfied."

- Walter B.

Support Throughout the Process

"This is a photo taken after completion of my project. The gentleman at Solar Supply were VERY helpful and very knowledgeable about their products. They supported me thru the complete process. Everything is working 100% and my pool water is 85 degrees. I really can’t express what a great company this is to deal with."
- Ed S

Item type:
4' X 12.5'

Outstanding Technical Support

"I’m often asked to do reviews and seldom do. This time I am because I am pleased with the help I received both during the purchase and installation. It is a rather simple installation and for once not only met expectation but truly surpassed them. We will gain weeks of swim time for our grandchildren. Thanks!!"

- Jim C.

Item type:
250 Square Feet - (5) 4'x12.5'

High Performing Solar Panels

"These solar collectors are the best collector on the market today. I replaced a Fafco array that I had that was NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!! The new Swim Joy panels survived the Michigan winter with flying colors, no problems at all. Thank you for a great product."

- David F.

Solar pool panels heating an in-ground pool

Easy DIY Install

I found these panels easy to install by myself. Needed to lay them in the sun to unfurl first. Quick to join together with provided couplings and caps. Smaller area than my old panels but heat the pool just as well. Delivery was fast and problem free. Satisfied customer.

- Steven O.

Item type:
192 Square Feet - (6) 4'x8' / 2" I.D. / 2.375" O.D.

Solar Pool Heater Panels on a roof

Very Quick to Install

"Very easy Installation. My neighbor and I completed the installation of 7 panels in less than 2 hours. My pool is warm. When I directed the return only from and to my spa, the temp went from 78-95 in only a couple hours."

-Timothy C.

Item type:
336 Square Feet - (7) 4'x12' / 2" I.D. / 2.375" O.D.

Great Value for Money

"I had a damaged solar panel that is not made anymore so all the companies said I needed to redo the structural component and put new panels up which would have costs 5-10 thousand dollars?!! I spoke with Solar Pool Supply and we found a way to utilize the existing structure and panels as the base for the new swim easy panels! Easy install and everything odd working great now. Best thing, only cost me the amount of the three panel DIY kit!"

- Theodore O.

Above Ground Pool Solar Heating

Clear Instructions and Seamless Install

"Well built with clear instructions and the parts ALL fit perfectly!

- John S.

Very Easy to Install

"Easy to install. High quality product.
Very happy with purchase. Would buy again. Great warranty.

- Jason S.

Item type:
168 Square Feet - (4) 4'x10.5' / None

Quick Shipping and Seamless Installation

"Ordered solar panel to replace old one that was leaking. Very fast shipping and panel came wrapped and secure. It fit seamlessly into the system. A+ company."

- Aaron K.

Solar Pool Panels on Roof

Huge Savings vs. Natural Gas

"I bought 8 4’x12’ panels. They were simple to install. Packaged very nicely. My pool went from 75 degrees to 88. I have set it to 90 and it heats to that no problem. Huge savings vs natural gas. I highly recommend."

- David J.

Item type:
384 Square Feet - (8) 4'x12' / 2" I.D. / 2.375" O.D.